Company is working with  partners in different countries, as a core business produces and sells equipment of petroleum storage tank cleaning, carry out works of the preparation for loading and maintenance of tank wagons, petrol filling station tank cleaning and inspection. Apart from that company has wide business contacts and high-level professional consultants who can consult by deman on Retail, Logistics, Oil, Fertilizer, Insurance and IT sector issues.

Together with our partners, we can organize financing for energetic projects in the European Union and the Eurasian Union.

We have a team of  high class specialists who are able to advise on questions regarding production process of nitrogen fertilizers, also can improve production processes,  prepare construction projects for new companies and implement them by customer demand.


Mobile complex for internal cleaning and degassing of the petroleum products in Storage tanks, ISO containers, Gas station tanks and Technological pipelines.

Internal cleaning systems for above ground vertical tanks on terminals and tank farms.

System for internal cleaning and preparation for loading of oil products into Railway tank cars.

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We are waiting for interesting offers and new people full of ideas. Please send your curriculum vitae (CV) and we will surely reach you and invite for an interview.

Feel free to get know our partners who work in different sectors. Such as Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation and  IT. 

Company uses high-level consultants, professionals in sales across differenct sectors in order to provide top level service for customers and solve their issues. 

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