About equipment

Our equipment opportunities:

  • petroleum storage tank cleaning.
  • railroad tank wagons cleaning and preparation for loading.
  • petrol filling station tank cleaning and inspection.
  • ISO tank containers cleaning and preparation.

Main bullet points regarding our equipment:

  • increased safety and efficiency of operations.
  • environment-friendly (no special license necessary).
  • mobility – equipment mounted in a standard 20F container.
  • closed loop cleaning
    waste-water treatment installation is unnecessary
    product separator is equipped.
  • attractive price.
  • fast return on investment.

About company

Our Goal is to be a reliable partner and build long lasting relationship. We work hard to retain our pool of existing customers and suppliers in order we all together could continue successful expansion.

Together with our partners, we can organize financing for energetic projects in the European Union and the Eurasian Union.

We can:

  • advise regarding production process of nitrogen fertilizers.
  • improve production processes.
  • prepare construction projects for new company.
  • implement a project by demand of a customer.

Our targeting...

Industrial sector
Railroad tank wagons & ISO tanks
Fuel & Gas stations
Consulting & other services


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